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Friday, 24 May 2019

Letter to Purchaser - Reflections@Keppel Bay Condominium


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To : The Beloved, Courageous, Intelligent Purchaser,


Address : Private & Confidential


For the Kind Attention : Chairman, CEO & President


Most Respected Sir,


Re: "Reflections@KeppelBay" Condominium


Today may I take this occasion & opportunity to let your goodself have some privileged information in relation to VILLA BLOCK A (Reflections@Keppel Bay Condo).


I enclose relevant details in following appendix:

  • "Reflections" Condo is just next door to Keppel Marina;
  • "Caribbean" Condo;
  • PSA Club;
  • and also to the largest entertainment and retail complex in the whole of ASIA (Universal Studios, Resort World Sentosa (RWS), Vivocity, Harbour Front and Singaopre Cable Car, Mount Faber Recreation Park, St James KTV Lounge combined in one great location)


It would greatly be appreciated if your goodself would kindly browse through the informational materials enclosed.


The highlight of this letter is to let your goodself know:

  1. That an owner in "Reflections" Condo has a 10-year free membership to KEPPEL MARINA CLUB. Keppel Marina Club does not accept membership (both paid and unpaid) from members of the public. Membership is restricted only to owners of "Reflections" Condo and "Carribean" Condo next door.
  2. Marina@Keppel Bay has been named "Best Asian Marina"
  3. Luxurious Waterfront Living at its Finest.
  4. Designed by world-famous architect Daniel Libeskind.
  5. Collaboration features one of its kind and novel creations from award-winning luxury designer European team namely SAPORITI ITALIA.
  6. If you are dwelling in, let your money grow and watch capital appreciation over the "not-too-long" term based on property transactions at "Caribbean@Keppel Bay" Condo next door.
  7. Alternatively you may wish to let it out for rental and watch your money grow over the "not-too-long" term.
    Your tenant may enjoy the facilities at Keppel Marina (under special terms and subject to final confirmation)
  8. Should you dispose of your unit at a later date, watch your money grow in capital appreciation. And also your purchaser may also enjoy using the facilities at Keppel Marina at special rates.
  9. At this time, only VILLA BLOCK A has been launched. Only a limited number of units are available for purchase.
  10. Why buy into "Reflections@Keppel Bay" Condo.
  11. VILLA BLOCK A has the largest apartment sizes within the "Reflections" Condo. It also has the best seaview.
  12. Full Condo facilities.


To make things more convenient for your goodself the following informational materials are presented to you in the following manner:

  1. Reflections@Keppel Bay
  2. Future relocation of "Singapore Port" now located at Tajong Pagar area to another location at Tuas (western part of Singapore island)
  3. Other relevant materials of interest



Indicative price at this stage in time:


Per unit SGD$10 million to SGD$11 million. (specific price of a particular unit at a particular floor will be quoted to your goodself upon your expression of interest).



Available now subject unsold:

Type Size (Sq ft)
| Type Size (Sq ft) | Type Size (Sq ft)

VD1 3229 VD1a 3272 VD1b 3283
VD2 3412 VD2a 3391 VD2b 3380
VD3 2928 VD3a 2939 VD3b 2949

(Notes: 1 sqm approximate 10.14 sq ft for information only)


Equipment for "Reflections@Keppel Bay" Condo

All units equipped with

  • Refrigerator
  • Washing Machine
  • Dryer
  • Dish Washer
  • Oven

All by World-Class MIELE.


For Villa Block A, there are superb private lifts for the apartments.



Schedule of Payment:


For the present (subject to confirmation at time of purchase) As at 30 May 2011

  • Deferred Payment : 20% down payment and no further payment until handover.
  • No restrictions on Foreign Ownership. No currency controls
  • No inheritance tax. No capital gains tax.
  • No withholding tax for sale of properties.
  • No value added tax (refer to Straits Times dated 28 May 2011)
Previously it was:
  • 5% of Purchase Price on Booking
  • 15% within 8 weeks after that
  • Get Ready another 40% on stand by
  • Above amount to 60% of purchase price.
  • Balance 40% : next 10% of purchase price in August/September 2011, 15% before April/May2012 (keys given), next 15%, after defects inspections (after about one year later) (Above information subject to final confirmation)

Where relevant and if your goodself prefer it, kindly check with your bankers for the best rate of interest which they may offer to your goodself.



For Viewing, we offer you the following options:



OPTION ONE : Dinner and Seminar

You are invited to a dinner and seminar on "Reflections@Keppel Bay" Condo

Based on your preference you may wish to:

  1. Select a date and time
  2. Please Enter (a)your name, (b)email address (c) mobile no with country code

Email above details to: Contact Us with Title: RE:DINNER & SEMINAR "Reflections" Condo.

  • Kindly note a number of potential purchasers may join you at the dinner & seminar
  • Dinner: Delicious food prepared by well-known chefs from Shangrila Hotel, Singapore ( or equivalent)


OPTON TWO : Seminar

  • Please select your date & time.
  • Please provide your name, email address , mobile phone no & country code to Contact Us with Title: RE: "Reflections@Keppel Bay" Condo SEMINAR
  • Please expect to see a group of potential purchasers at seminar

OPTION THREE : Personal Attention

  • Most popular.
  • You may wish to be personally attended to.
  • Please select your date & time
  • Kindly provide your name, email address, mobile no & country code to Contact Us with Title RE: "Reflections@Keppel Bay" Condo PERSONAL ATTENTION


Why Purchase Through Ang Boon Hua (Riechard BH Ang)

For an Overseas Purchaser of Reflections@Keppel Bay Condo, please consult with Riechard Ang through email.


For a purchaser locally based of Reflections@Keppel Bay, please consult with Riechard Ang.




Should a person or a number of persons collectively (e.g. a family or siblings) have $100 million and they spend $10 million for a prestigious, water-front, unique, beautiful property in Singapore, wouldn't that be an excellent idea?




Should the enclosed informational materials be of NO interest to your goodself at this point in time, perhaps you can be very kind as to hand over to a close friend or relative in your family

or a colleague at the local national employers' federation (NEF),

or at the local office of international organisation of employers (IOE),

or at the local office of Asean Confederation of Employers (ACE),

or at your chamber of commerce,

Whom you consider may take an interest in this matter.

OR you may wish to inform them about this particular website - WWW.REFLECTIONSKEPPEL.COM . I would like to thank you for your generosity.



Thank you Sir.




Your Humble Servant,




Ang Boon Hua (Riechard B H Ang)

Associate Director (CEA Reg. No. : R040652C)

ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd

Estate Agent : L3009636J

Email : Contact Us

(Above information subject to confirmation at the time of purchase)


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Letter to Riechard Ang



Should this be relevant to your goodself please send to:



Riechard BH Ang Associate Director (The Quiet Man of Singapore)
CEA Reg No.: R040652C / L3009636J
229 Mountbatten Road
#03-01 Mountbatten Square
Singapore 398007

Email: (1) Contact Us
Mobile: 65 91526250
Fax: 65 6794 9189
Website :


Dear Riechard Ang,

Re:"Reflections@KeppeIBay" Condominium Singapore

Presently I am in this project but

I realise you are a member of International Properties Investors Network

percent of the project.



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